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gSender Edge v1.3.6 Release

Hey folks,

Edge 1.3.6 is released with some new functionality for gamepad and the grblHAL firmware!

The next Edge release will be focused on general app performance and connection reliability for vanilla GRBL controllers + a few other small new features like 4-corner probing on top of continuing to expand support for grblHAL firmware.

Ethernet Sending

Ethernet has emerged as the more reliable alternative to USB communications and is something that is both supported by more modern controllers and something that the upcoming Super Longboard will support.

We’ve added our first iteration of sending over ethernet instead of USB to this latest Edge build. If the grblHAL controller is selected, you should see a new “Network Devices” option with a configured IP address.

The IP address is configurable within preferences in the general tab.

For now, we’ve limited the functionality to TCP (port 23). We’ll be looking to expand it to work with websocket where supported in future releases.

Functionality should be similar as if sending over USB. We look forward to any feedback/issues experienced as we expand this functionality over the next few releases.

Gamepad Improvements

We’re slightly altering our approach to gamepad bindings, mapping available buttons as reported by the controller to actions instead of actions to buttons.

Each button can have a primary action and a secondary action by holding a modifier.

We’ve also added early iteration on joystick jogging and MPG mode jogging. Walid should have the details available for both soon.

We look forward to any feedback in this area since it will likely take a bit of iteration to get to our final implementation.

Full Notes:


  • Connect over Ethernet using grblHAL controller/boards. IP address configurable within connection preferences
    • Fixed connection routing on HAL – should now be faster connecting
    • Fixed HAL pin states not reporting correctly
    • Unlock button now available on the UI at all times
    • Fixed HAL startup routine to correctly parse alarm code if in alarm state rather than assuming homing
    • Added better error logging to quickly address issues
    • Clearer distinction between planned lines and cut lines in visualizer – configurable in custom visualizer theme
    • Moved firmware selector in connection widget to bottom
    • Fixed issue with bitfield input in firmware tool
    • File parsing simplified to only need to parse the file once across several tools (outline, start from line)
    • Fixed edge case where Outline function would never return


  • Restructure of gamepad logic
  • Actions are set based on buttons present on your gamepad
  • Button labels can be modified by hovering over them and typing in your desired label
  • New feature allows you to add a second action to a button which can be used by pressing and holding the set button to activate the secondary actions (similar to the modifier key on keyboards)
  • New feature: Lockout button. Used to activate/deactivate gamepad buttons when needed. To use this feature, you must assign it to a button of your choice, then press and hold the button for 4 seconds, then it will toggle between lock and unlock
  • Added section for adjusting joystick functionality. Can now map joystick directions to certain axis. Have the ability to reverse the direction of the axis movement as well by checking the box next to the option
  • Added MPG mode for joystick
  • Jogging using gamepad is now dynamic, speed of jog will depend on the amount of force put on the joystick itself, if you push it all the way to the end jogging will be at max speed
  • Added deadzone threshold option for joystick

As always, releases can be found on Github.