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Get Your LaserBeam Vortex Riser Mount – Available for Purchase Now!  

The LaserBeam Vortex Riser mount is now available for purchase! It is a new add-on made for pairing with the Vortex. The Riser mount increases the z-axis height of your laser, providing significantly more room for LaserBeam focusing. Additionally, the product allows for more variation in LaserBeam mounting positions and is compatible with all versions of the Longmill router mounts.  Made of premium zinc-coated steel, this rigid and durable mount is the perfect addition to take your rotary laser engraving to the next level.

LaserBeam Vortex Riser Mount


This mount raises the Z height of your LaserBeam so you have more room to focus the lens. Each LaserBeam Vortex Mount order includes: 1 Zinc coated steel mount 5 M3-10 screws This product uses both the Laserbeam and Vortex systems. For more information on this product, you can view our resources here and…

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We’ve prepared a detailed resource page and a video on assembling and attaching the Vortex Riser Mount to your LongMill. Also,  feel free to check out the additional update to the LaserBeam resources that details how to use offsets in g-sender with the Vortex Riser Mount and a variety of different Sienci mounts. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the LaserBeam and Vortex Riser mount, visit our product page below.