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The LongMill is currently backordered. The estimated lead time is 8-12 weeks. If you wish to place an order please read the latest update.

The LongMill is a powerful and affordable hobby CNC router perfect for any workshop.

Scale it to your needs by choosing from one of it’s three flavours: 12×12, 12×30, and 30×30.

The machine name roughly corresponds to its cutting area in inches and each machine has 113mm (~4.4″) of Z-axis travel.

What sets the LongMill apart:

  • Simple and reliable design ➜ angle-aluminum plus thick steel gantries makes for a rigid and dependable machine
  • Lead screw driven on all axes
  • Mounts directly to any surface you wish ➜ freedom to integrate clamps or custom jigs that suit your work style
  • Tall cutting height ➜ don’t be limited when you want to cut large, intricate 3D surfaces or flatten large lumber slabs
  • Proudly made in Canada

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Turn your ideas into a reality with the LongMill Benchtop CNC

The LongMill helps you take your woodworking and fabrication to the next level. Its range of workable materials include: any species of wood, a variety of plasticssoft metals like aluminum and brass, and a variety of machinable foams and waxes for model making or metal casting. Make signs, engravings, mid-size furniture, stands and shelves, wooden toys and games, guitar bodies, and much more! (see more in our Gallery)

We offer our machine because CNC technology opens up a whole new world of making capabilities, especially to those who have a limited shop environment or budget. Our goal is to empower you by giving you access to both a machine that’s capable of a wide range of projects, and by assuring you of the assistance that you’ll receive from our team as well as our ever-growing community of machine owners: many of whom started off green to the world of CNC as well but are now happy to share what they’ve learned along the way. (see our Facebook group and Forum)

We designed the LongMill to be the best hobby CNC router in its class, offering rigidity, and reliability, while being easy to put together. With large extruded aluminum rails, fully supported Y-axes, 1/4″ steel gantries on all axes, and high precision MG-12 type linear guides on the Z-axis, the LongMill is the most powerful CNC router in its class and price point.

Every kit comes with all the…

  • Hardware, rails, lead screws, and gantries
  • Control box, wires, and motors
  • Instructions (downloadable from our website)

Assembly only takes a few hours and can be done with a set of wrenches, allen keys, and a flat head screwdriver. There is absolutely no soldering. We’ve spent thousands of hours designing and testing the LongMill to ensure that this machine is easy to put together. If you can put together IKEA furniture, then putting together the LongMill will be a breeze.

What do you provide?

  • Your own wasteboard/spoilboard (found at your local hardware store), this is the surface that you’ll be mounting your machine to. See the ‘Size’ tab above for more info.
  • A router (purchase one from us, use one you already have, or find one at your local hardware store/online)*

For routers, we recommend the Makita RT0700/RT0701. It’s a reliable and super powerful router that we’ve been using on our CNC machines for years.

Here are some other compatible routers we recommend:

  • Bosch Colt (some versions may have a slightly larger 72mm diameter which may not be compatible)
  • Dewalt 611

The LongMill can accommodate bore sizes of 52, 65, 71, and 80mm,  Don’t see your router listed? Let us know the diameter of your router so that we can make a router mount for you. If you do not send us a diameter we will ship you a mount for the Makita RT0700/RT0701 (65mm).

Please note that routers/spindles which are

  • Over 2.7kg/6lbs
  • Wider than 80mm/3″

May not be compatible (but we’ll try to make it work)

*Routers that we supply will be 110V only (North America). If you live in a country which uses a different voltage, please purchase a router in your region. LongMills will come with a power supply that supports both 110V and 220V.


The LongMill and it’s software works on any computer and connects using standard USB. We sell the Vectric VCarve software but it’s not for everyone. Our machine is software agnostic so that you can find what works for you. Everything you need is available for free.

Technical Details:
– Laser cut, steel gantry plates for high rigidity
– Standard profile, extruded aluminum rails on the X and Y axis and MGN12 linear guides on Z axis
– Delrin V wheels with variable eccentric nuts
– 4-start, 2mm pitch, 8mm diameter ACME lead screw for high torque and fast movement
– NEMA 23 stepper motors on all axis
– 3D printed and aluminum parts
– Mount for Makita RT0701C routers, or request a custom mount size
– 24V power supply
– Arduino board loaded with GRBL firmware
– 4A TB6600 drivers

Our machine uses open-source hardware and firmware, letting users build and modify their machines. Not only that, many of our components are standard and easy to source or 3D printable, making replacing parts easy.

Additional information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 10 × 41.5 in

12×12, 12×30, 30×30

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 10 × 40 in

12×12, 12×30, 30×30

Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 3.8 × 3.6 × 0.8 in
Router Size

52mm, 65mm (Makita Router), 71mm, 80mm

Weight 3.9 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 6 in

Weight 1.9 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 2.875 in

Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 0.5 in

Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in


Once assembled, each model of the LongMill (12×12, 12×30, and 30×30) is designed to generally fit on a 2×2′, 2×4′, and 4×4′ surface respectively. The diagrams below show a more detailed view for each model:
  • The red area inside the main box shows the cutting area as an offset from the foot base. It’s based off the center-point of the router, thus you can plane an area larger than what’s stated if you’re using a large surfacing bit.
  • The blue area outside the main box shows the hanging parts as an offset from the foot base which makes up the total machine outline.
  • If you have the dust shoe attachment in place, it’ll reduce your cutting travel in the X-dimension by approximately 50mm.
At the end of the day, this leaves you with:
Model LongMill 12×12 LongMill 12×30 LongMill 30×30
Cutting area 307mm x 345mm (~12″ x 13.5″) 792mm x 345mm (~31″ x 13.5″) 792mm x 845mm (~31″ x 33″)
Max stock width (distance between feet) 435mm (~17″) 920mm (~36″) 920mm (~36″)
Machine area 650mm x 610mm (~25.5″ x 24″) 1135mm x 610mm (~45″ x 24″) 1135mm x 1110mm (~45″ x 44″)
Machine height About 14″, but if you’re planning to build an enclosure you should make it at least 20″ tall to ensure enough space for hose management, manipulating cutting material, etc.
If you’re looking to properly size a space to put your machine or are making a dedicated table, ensure that you leave enough room for the LongMills control box and any other peripherals that you might be using like a laptop, monitor, keyboard, etc.. The control box is roughly 150mm x 280mm, has holes so that it can be easily screwed or mounted to any surface, and has a USB port on its left side which allows for you to connect your computer to control the machine. By default the clearance height under the X-axis rail is 104mm (~4″) so if you’d like to take advantage of the full 113mm (~4.5″) of Z-axis travel that the LongMill has to offer, the feet can be spaced up by two strips of material on each side to gain more height clearance. If you’d like to see some tables that our community members have built for their own machines, we’ve got a page on it here: Community Table Builds


You can include add-ons to improve the functionality of the LongMill. These are all optional.

Trim Router

We recommend using the Makita RT0700/RT0701 router 110V with your LongMill. This router comes with speed control from 10,000 to 30,000RPM and has 1.25HP of power. This router is compatible with 1/4″ shank tooling and can be adapted to 1/8″ shank tooling using a 1/4″ to 1/8″ collet adapter.

Dust Shoe

Our Z-axis independent, magnetic dust shoe allows you to attach standard vacuum hoses to your CNC machine, allowing it to suck up dust as it’s cutting, making clean up easier and keeping dust out of the air. This dust shoe is adjustable in the Z direction, and the front bristles and vacuum hose can be easily detached to make it easy to change bits.

Touch Plate

Our 3-axis touch plate allows you to set the ‘origin’ or starting point of your cutting tool very accurately based off the surface of the material you’re going to be cutting. Place the touch plate onto the corner of the material to locate the cutting bit in both X, Y, and Z-directions to start your cutting job, or use it to set the Z-height of the tool to accomplish tool changes on more complicated projects.

Bit Starter kit

Our End Mill Starter Pack comes with a basic set of end mills to get your started for many projects you might have in mind. Each pack comes with:
  • 1/4″ Spiral Up Cut End Mill
  • 1/4″ Spiral Down Cut End Mill
  • 1/8″ Flat End Mill (x3)
  • 1/8″ Ballnose End Mill (x3)
  • 1/4″ to 1/8″ Collet Adapter


What materials can it cut?

The LongMill can cut materials like wood, plastic, foam, and soft metals. We’ve also had customer cut tougher materials like thin stainless steel and copper sheet.

Where can I buy end mills and other tooling?

End mills and bits are available on sale on our website as well as online such as Amazon and Ebay, or at your local hardware store such as Home Depot or Lee Valley.

What software can you use with the LongMill?

The LongMill is compatible with dozens of free and paid CAM software. The LongMill is compatible with standard G-code. You can check out our resources page at www.sienci.com/resources and look under the software tab. We’ll be hosting webinars and creating additional resource videos to help you learn to design and program your CNC machine.

What system requirements are there?

You can run your machine off virtually any modern laptop made in the last 5 years running Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

We’ve tested our machine with Intel Celeron and AMD Phenom processors with less than 2GB of RAM with no issues (although it is a bit slow).

For any other downloadable CAD or CAM programs that don’t run on the cloud, please check with the software creator for minimum system requirements.

What spindles or routers can I use?

While we recommend the Makita RT0701/RT0700, you can also use other trim/palm style routers. You will be able to let us know what tool you want to use and we will send you the appropriate mount.

Can I add end stops?

Although end stops are not needed on this machine, they can be added. Our electronics support end stops and is easy to integrate.

We’ll have more details on adding end stops soon.

Will there be 4th or 5th axis support?

In the immediate future, there will not be 4th or 5th axis support for the LongMill.

If you would like to implement an additional axis to your machine, we encourage users to try creating their own and sharing it with the community!


The LongMill has a 90 day warranty once it’s received.

We want you to have a great experience with your machine, so if any parts are found to be missing or damaged, please email us. We will ensure that you receive the support you need to restore your LongMill to operating condition or provide a full or partial refund.

You may cancel an order if it has not shipped yet, please contact us if you wish to do so. We do not offer returns for LongMills that have already shipped.

General Warranty and Limits of Service:

Effective March 4, 2019

Throughout this policy the words “we”, “us” and “our”, or “Sienci Labs” will be used to refer to Sienci Labs Inc. herein and “LongMill” or “machine” will refer to Sienci Labs’ Sienci LongMill 12×12, Sienci LongMill 12×30 and Sienci LongMill 30×30. Additionally, the words “you”,  “your”, “user”, and “operator”  will refer to the original purchaser/customer, user, or viewer of any of the products or media provided by or through Sienci Labs.

Sienci Labs Inc. (the “Company”) grants the LongMill (the “Product”) a standard warranty within Canada and the US to the original customer to be free from missing parts, defects in material, and defects in workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of receipt by the original purchaser. Sienci Labs Inc. will ensure that the appropriate support is provided to the original customer to restore the LongMill to operational condition or provide a full or partial refund under the sole discretion of the Company.

This warranty does not cover damage due to improper use or assembly, lack of maintenance, normal wear and tear, or modifications to the LongMill which are not produced or authorized by the Company. Consumables such as cutting tools and sample or stock materials which may have come with your LongMill are not included in this warranty.

This warranty will become void if the operator does not follow the Safety Warnings and Guidelines, uses the Product for illegal purposes, or intentionally causes damage to the Product.

The original customer must contact Sienci Labs Inc. within ninety (90) days of receiving their order to make a warranty claim to be eligible for warranty service. Proof of purchase, tracking number, email address, or other material will be used to confirm the original purchasing date and the identity of the original customer. If damage was due to shipping, original packaging materials must be kept in the original received condition. Photos, videos, written descriptions, and other items may be requested to assess and validate a warranty claim.  In the case Sienci Labs Inc. requires the original parts to be returned, the customer is solely responsible for packing all items securely. Damage incurred during return shipping will not be covered by the warranty. A method of payment such as a credit card may be requested by Sienci Labs Inc. to cover shipping costs or damaged items if Products are not eligible for warranty service.

91 reviews for LongMill Benchtop CNC

  1. Brian Boisvert (verified owner)

    Enjoying my Longmill. Very easy build and holds very tight tolerances. I have done enough projects in the last month of owning it to have recovered the initial cost of the mill and have many more orders to fill making Halloween props and assorted placards. I’m currently using Vectric VCarve Pro and will be able to upgrade to Vectric Aspire ($1300) by the end of October from cash raised from items made on my Longmill. Loving it

    Was this review helpful to you?
  2. Marvin Meier (verified owner)

    Very nice machine good instructions works well

    Was this review helpful to you?
  3. Romulo Greene (verified owner)

    Everything was great. The only thing that might have been better, is having an extra bearing. The tight fit cause a little damage when trying to get it off the lead screw. Even getting it to where it needed to be was tedious. One extra bearing would have been nice.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  4. John Welch (verified owner)

    I have never owned a CNC machine so I did research for a month. This included reading others experiences with different machines and joining FB groups of owners. This machine compared well to the others and the price was very competitive. Assembly was not hard and I learned about the components while building it. Watching Chris build one in real-time was a bonus. I have used it now for about a month and getting comfortable with its operation. I have had a few questions in the process and found that by asking them on the forum or in the FB group they get answered quickly. I have already made gifts for friends and family and our own home. That has lead to requests from others willing to buy what I make. I believe the LongMill will be a great tool for years to come.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  5. Nic M. (verified owner)

    Great CNC. Very happy with it, even tho I have had a few things not fit they way they should. Kelly has been great help in the process to sort it out. Fast response and very helpful.
    -Machine ordered July 22, 2020

    Was this review helpful to you?
  6. Wayne C. (verified owner)

    Was interested in getting a CNC router. Found out about Sienci LongMill from a person at a local Makerspace. Machine assembly (mostly Version 2 parts) went mostly okay except getting the lead screws through the flange bearings. Had to resort to putting the lead screws in the freezer, using sewing machine oil on the inside of the flanges, and a plastic faced mallet to bop the screws through the flanges (note: on the Y-axis lead screws, once the screw was several inches through the first flange, it seemed to move much easier). Otherwise, the assembly was straightforward. Haven’t done much yet with the LongMill as other life activities have taken precedence to date. Still evaluating the design/g-code generating options of the software chain, but I have found UGS (platform version) works for me.
    -Machine ordered July 2, 2020

    Was this review helpful to you?
  7. Daniel (verified owner)

    It’s everything that was expected, a joy to run. We have made several projects and long mill performed admirably, So glad we bought this machine!
    -Machine ordered July 19, 2020

    Was this review helpful to you?
  8. Stephen Kincheloe (verified owner)

    Working well and loving it.
    -Machine ordered July 13, 2020

    Was this review helpful to you?
  9. Curtis Plante (verified owner)

    Never used a CNC machine or really understood them until a friend mentioned them, I went online and found Scienci and ordered one not knowing what to expect. 2 months later and it’s one of the best purchases I have made. The assembly was a brease with the online videos you can watch. A few hiccups with the parts ie size of flanges and lead screws. But a little elbow grease and it all fit well. I had an issue with my machine and depth. I went onto the Facebook group and everyone were waiting to help, and Chris helped me out within a few hours it was up and running like a charm! (You just don’t get that kind of help and service At other places) it’s amazing. And Canadian made. Love it.
    -Machine ordered July 17, 2020

    Was this review helpful to you?
  10. Fred Pike (verified owner)

    This is a great machine, I am a 72 year old retired teacher, I had no trouble with the assembly. Everything went smooth. I am using an older laptop in the shop and a better one in my office for doing the CAM work.
    -Machine ordered July 13, 2020

    Was this review helpful to you?
  11. Sean M. (verified owner)

    Great machine so far. Have used it constantly since I set it up.
    -Machine ordered July 2, 2020

    Was this review helpful to you?
  12. JEREMY (verified owner)

    So far, this machine had been amazing! As a complete newbie and one that is not a strong computer user, everything has been pretty straight forward and user friendly. I would highly recommend to anyone looking at getting started with cnc to take the leap and purchase this machine!! Thank you for coming out with such a great machine with a price tag that makes it even more incredible. The saying “you get what you pay for” is proven wrong with this machine….you get so much more!
    -Machine ordered July 14, 2020

    Was this review helpful to you?
  13. Skyler Clark (verified owner)

    Amazing build quality, haven’t had any problems with it other then software errors due to learning the trade. My one issue would be with the new dust boot. Doesn’t seem to catch maybe chips, even with a 1 hp dust collector dedicated to the machine. May need a back window installed. Other then that super satisfied, customer service is amazing and overall glad I purchased a longmill over the compition!
    -Machine ordered July 14, 2020

    Was this review helpful to you?
  14. Dominique B. (verified owner)

    I’ve had my LongMill 30×30 for a few months now and I really love it! First and foremost the fact that it was a Canadian company (I’m in Saskatoon) piqued my interest. I was happy to support a Canadian company and selfishly I thought support and shipping parts and stuff would be much less complicated, and cheaper this way. I had no issue assembling the LongMill as I just used the step by step that was in the Resources section of Sienci’s website. I had my iPad out in the garage every step of the way and didn’t stumble once in the whole assembly process. The sample files cut perfectly and I was good to go! I had an issue initially with my Apple laptop not working with the software I was using but a call into Sienci got me going in a matter of minutes. I’ve been using my LongMill pretty much daily since late August and it’s been rock-solid. I’m really impressed with how accessible this CNC machine is (price) and how user-friendly it is from assembly to use. A big thank you to the team at Sienci!
    -Machine ordered July 1, 2020

    Was this review helpful to you?
  15. Michael Wojcik (verified owner)

    I have been a hobby woodworker for a while but have never used a cnc machine. Building the machine was really pretty easy. It took me a while but that’s because I double checked myself and my work every step. I have done a couple of simple projects to start like an address sign for the house. It came out great.
    -Machine ordered June 27, 2020

    Was this review helpful to you?
  16. Richard McFarland (verified owner)

    Pricing is terrific for the machine I received and one of the main factors for choosing. Another main factor for choosing was that it is driven by lead screws instead of belts. Assembly was a piece of cake following the instructions and had no issues with any make up of the precision parts. All material was provided with a few extra spares to boot. Operation has been flawless on the machine, I have made a few errors and the machine is very powerful, it breaks bits with no problem. The touch plate has worked as promised and makes set up and bit changes very simple. The upgraded magnetic dust shoe was a surprise and works great. I really like the window in front to watch the process. I am using an 80mm spindle so I did have to make the opening larger to accommodate and learned a trick or two about acrylic. So far accuracy has been spot on with the projects I have created and I am still learning myself the best way to machine items. This machine overall is a great purchase and look forward to all future projects and what I will learn from it. Thanks for this awesome opportunity to expand.
    -Machine ordered July 11, 2020

    Was this review helpful to you?
  17. Robert R. (verified owner)

    Previously I had no experience with CNC, moderate computer skills, and a better than average woodworker. The LongMill has been everything I expected plus more. The build was fun; instructions & video were very complete. By doing the build, I really understand my machine now. The machine/parts are if great quality. My experience with Sienci has been terrific. I’ve never dealt with a company so focused on customer support & truly interested in the success of their clients.
    I’ve done a bunch of signs for grandchildren, friends, etc plus a bunch of cnc/woodworking jigs.
    The only issues/mistakes have been owner/operator & just learning by these errors.
    As per software, I’ve settled on mainly VCarve desktop. Note: the only issue I’m having now is inconsistent jogging in UGS; sometimes it responds & sometimes not. If someone could get back to me, I’d appreciate it.
    Thanks for a great CNC experience so far!
    -Machine ordered July 9, 2020

    Was this review helpful to you?

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