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We recieve $5000 in funding!

We won $5000 from yesterday’s pitch competition! 18 teams presented their pitch to two of our judges, David Rose and Nada Basir, from the Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology Center.

Special congratulations to our other pitchers who won an award:

  • Aaron Cote, Polyball Studio Monolith
  • Ashwin Krishnan, WeSmart Technologies
  • Ron Tsang, Thyme
  • Richard Norton, Edible Art Project
  • Susanna Yu, BeautyTime
  • Zain Kevashjee, Soko

This award will be released to us at the conclusion of the Enterprise Co-op Program in August. We’re excited to use these funds to continue developing desktop CNC machines and linear motion systems for rapid prototyping!

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Processed with VSCO
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