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Milling a lunar crater and other things

We put together the machine using the new frames and started carving a couple of things.

Here’s a picture of our progress with a 3D carving of a crater on the lunar surface:

crater carving wood.jpg

According to our tests, we can achieve precision of about +/- 0.03mm in wood, which is slightly less than the thickness of a human hair. We’re still making a couple of adjustments to the machine, so hopefully that number will go down.

Due to some bearing wobble and flex in the XZ gantry, milling aluminum has been a bit tricky and the finish is not great. We’ll be milling the XZ gantry from steel or aluminum (it’s currently acrylic) as planned in the design which should help stiffen up the machine.

Chris has also been putting together a new 3D printer using the angle aluminum rail systems, and so far things look awesome. The design for the Y and Z axis is more or less complete and all that is left is to make the X axis, mount the printing bed, wire it up, and start printing!

chris 3d printer prototype.jpg

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