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Sienci Labs at Maker Expo

Maker Expo was awesome! We love the maker community, and it was great to see so many people at Maker Expo in Kitchener this year. Thank you to the volunteers, organizers, and everyone who came out. There were so many amazing projects, and it’s so exciting to see the maker revolution change the way we make and create.

We got the chance to meet several of our backers on Kickstarter who got to see the Sienci Mill One running live for the first time and could not wait get their own machines on their desks. Thank you to all of our backers for coming out to see our machine, checking out our samples, and chatting with us. We also had a chance to record a quick interview with Woot Suit Riot. You can check out the podcast here at:

Now all that there is to do is count down the days till the next Maker Expo!




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