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In the Field: Sienci Mill One at Medella Health

We reached out to one of the owners of the preproduction Sienci Mill One to see what they have been doing with their machine. Huayi Gao, co-founder of Medella Health, showed us some cool things he’s been working on for Project Lano over the last couple of weeks.

Medella Health is building a wearable technology solution that continuously and non-invasively monitors blood glucose levels and communicates the data with a mobile device, so patients can better manage their diabetes. (Source: Velocity)

wafer testing on the Sienci Mill One


In this image, Huayi is testing sensors built onto wafers by probing each one using the Sienci Mill One. These sensors are designed to determine the composition of chemicals in basal tears. By programming the machine to probe them in the right sequence, Huayi can automatically test all of the sensors over an extended period of time.

Each wafer contains 44 sensors and requires extensive testing to measure a host of parameters to determine the performance of every single sensor. This implementation of the Sienci Mill One saves an enormous amount of time and money over using lab probing stations that cost thousands of dollars and require manual control.

He plans to integrate a microfluidics system and a microscope onto the Sienci Mill One for additional functionality, as well as milling wood and other materials in his spare time.

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