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A new warranty for the Mill One

At this point we’ve shipped over a hundred Mill Ones, giving us a good look at how reliable our machines are and the quality of the parts that go into it. We’ve done our best to provide the best service to our customers as possible, and have made sure to help everyone get the most out of their CNC machines. This helped us learn a lot about designing parts for reliability and choose the highest quality parts to continually improve the Mill One.

Our goal is to provide the best quality parts, as well as the best service to make sure our users can focus their time on making, without having to worry about troubleshooting and other technical details. Our V2 batch will use parts from suppliers who have shown to provide the highest quality parts from our previous manufacturing run.

While we’ve unofficially provided exceptional support to all our customers, we now have established an official warranty and return plan for Mill One kits which outlines what services we can provide.

Mill One Warranty