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Out of stock on Ridgid 24012 routers

We are currently out of stock on the Ridgid 24012 routers and customers who are purchasing the Mill One will have to order a router from another source for the time being until we have new stock.

Luckily, you can find both the Maktia and the Ridgid routers for around $99USD (at the time of writing) through Home Depot with free shipping. This is the same price as what have offered. Check out this guide on choosing a router here: We recommend purchasing the routers listed in the guide.

Due to price increases for the routers from our supplier, we are currently looking at some other alternatives for routers at this moment. We are hoping to find a less expensive but equally durable and capable tool to go along with the Mill One.

If you need help with purchasing a router for your Mill One, feel free to send us an email at!