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Join the Sienci Labs team!

If you’ve been following our work, we do a lot of cool stuff here at Sienci Labs. Thanks to the amazing support from our customers and community, we’ve made great leaps and strides in bringing accessible desktop CNC milling to the people. But this also means having more work to handle than Chris and I can do alone. So we’re looking for people to join our team!


Here are a couple things we want to focus on this year:

-Development of new and innovative ways to mesh software and hardware together to make CNC milling a better experience

-Making our supply chain more efficient and continually improving the quality of our kits

-Create high quality digital content for our resources and marketing


Are you or someone you know passionate about bringing automated manufacturing technologies to the masses? Then we want to talk to you!

Check out for the latest job posts. Or if you feel like you might have a fit somewhere else that’s not listed, feel free to email us anyway with a quick intro.