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Firmware Update: GRBL v1.1g

We’ve released a new firmware update for the Mill One. This update will work with all Mill Ones. Download it here:

This firmware update increases the speed and acceleration settings of the Mill One. GRBL v1.1g has general improvements and bug fixes that improve reliability and performance.

Things to know about this update (please read this carefully if you are updating your Mill One since there are some specific instructions):

  • This firmware update takes the Mill One from running GRBL v1.1e to v1.1g. You can learn more about the development of GRBL on the GRBL Github.
  • You can update your firmware the same way as you uploaded it the first time. Instructions can be found on our Resources pages.
  • Before you start, make sure to clear your EEPROM. EEPROM is where the Arduino stores all of the GRBL settings. Some settings from GRBL v1.1e may persist if you do not clear the EEPROM. An Arduino program in the downloaded firmware folder can be uploaded to the Arduino to clear the EEPROM.
  • If you have installed a library into Arduino for an older version of the firmware, you will have to delete it and replace it with the new version. You can find the old libraries in the “Arduino” folder, which can usually be found in the “Documents” directory. Go to the “Libraries” folder and delete the “grbl” folder. This will delete the library and will let you install a new ZIP library.
  • Installing this update will undo and delete all your old settings. If you made any changes to the firmware, make sure to save all your settings. You can look at your settings by sending the command “$$”. If you need to make changes to your settings after the update, you can refer to the GRBL Configuration wiki.
  • If you run into issues with the firmware, please let us know.

If you want to revert back to GRBL v1.1e, you can download the firmware here.