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How everything after the Kickstarter campaign is going to work and what you as a backer will need to do

Hey everyone. Thank you for your support and being part of far surpassing our goal. If you are a backer, there are a couple of things you should know and be prepared for. Please read this carefully

T-shirts and dust masks

If you backed us by either choosing the t-shirt or t-shirt and mask option, you should expect to see a survey asking for your size and address within the next couple weeks. Please fill out this survey in a timely manner and we’ll have your stuff shipped out as soon as possible.

LongMill kits

If you backed one of the reward levels for a LongMill kit (any size), you will receive a backer survey through email which will ask for your most up to date delivery address and other details to help us fulfill your order. You should expect this to happen approximately a month and a half before your estimated delivery date. Production schedules will continue to be updated on Please fill out this survey in a timely manner to ensure we can ship your machines shipped out as soon as possible.

Additional add-ons, such as dust shoes and z axis touch plates will also be uploaded online so that if you want to purchase add-ons and you haven’t through the Kickstarter, you can. We will ship any additional items alongside your machine. Please give us a few weeks for us to put these items up on our website. We will update any new add-ons that are available through Kickstarter updates and through or social media channels.