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What’s new on the newest version of the LongMill?

Busy making new gantries

Hey everyone! It’s been pretty busy at the shop as we continue to ship out LongMills. We are just about to complete our first batch of machines and we have started packing our second batch.

We’ve made small improvements between the first and second batch I’d like to share. Here’s some of them:

  • The arm that sticks out to hold the drag chain is now made of steel. This will eliminate this part from breaking
  • New electronics enclosure integrates bent sheet metal and comes with mounting points to allow users to screw it directly to their board
  • Additional circuitry in the control board to prevent issues with EMI
  • Longer motor cables to provide more flexibility with mounting
  • Notched Z-axis gantry to increase travel
  • Higher-strength filament on 3D printed parts
  • Improved mounting for dust shoe

We are always working on new ways to improve our machines and user experience with our CNC machines. We look forward to continuing to add improvements to the LongMill!