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Sienci Labs expands its office

Hi everyone, we have an exciting announcement to make! We are expanding our office space! Over the last few months, we’ve seen growth in sales which also resulted in us quickly running out of space in our shop.

Luckily, our landlord had space in the connecting unit next to our current one that he was using for storage and office space, and was gracious enough to allow us to clear out space for us.

Adding another 1170sqft to our 2200sqft gives us a total of 3370sqft of space in total, giving us enough room to stretch our legs a little bit.

Here’s what we’re doing to our space:

  • A new, larger workshop with more tools to help us test and build stuff
  • More packing and assembly tables to streamline production
  • Additional floor space for pallets and skids
  • Break and lunch area with tables and couches
  • Extra desks and computers for desk work

The space is currently fairly bare as we reach the end of batch 2 production for the LongMill, but we are expecting to see supplies and parts come in for an additional 500 units over the next couple weeks. This means that all the empty space will be quickly filling up.

We’re still working on getting stuff shuffled around, but if you want to see a quick tour of the space, make sure to check out Chris’ video!