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LaserBeams Have begun Shipping this Monday – Resources will be Live Thursday end of day

Hello all Laser customers, Monday December 20th we began shipping our LaserBeam pre-orders out. I am working everyday to make sure we can get our first 300 pre-orders out the door before the end of the year.

I will be in the office next week, testing, packing and shipping LaserBeams.

I made the decision to begin shipping before our resource section was live because I did not want to delay shipping while I finished our resource section.

Each laser and laser driver is tested before shipping and I will have resources posted before Thursday end of day.

For now I will be providing the User/Safety Manual pdf with our tutorial video that was made for the Youtube Channel earlier this year for those who have received your Laser before Thursday.

I appreciate you all for sticking with this project and I’m still working hard until you all have Lasers and resources.