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What’s going on at Sienci Labs these days? : Content creation and resource development

Hey everyone. I think this is a great time for us to introduce you to some of the folks on our team and talk about some of the initiatives we’re taking to continue to serve our customers and CNC community.

We have been truly blessed to have a strong, supportive community and growth in our business. Given how strong sales have been, and how strong we expect them to be as we continue to scale and shorten our lead times, we’ve made a decision to direct as much effort into building our resources and providing more content to our users to help them use their machines. Part of this initiative has been to build our team and focus on processes that will benefit new and existing users in the long term to learn to use and troubleshoot their CNCs.

Meet Scott, Jason, and Leandro

I have a couple of folks to introduce. Let’s start off with Scott.

Scott is our content creator! His role is to help us develop content to share products, resources, and info about the company and our developments. He’s also been a super active LongMill user with lots of CNC experience, and we’re excited to have him share his knowledge as well as share his light-hearted and fun energy through our content. Check out his IG here:

If you have been following our social media recently, you’ve probably seen him in a couple of the videos.

Next, meet Jason, who’s our Customer Service and Support manager. His role is to work with the rest of our team to help make it easier and faster for customers to find help from Sienci Labs. This involves talking directly with customers as well as helping develop guides and resources that make it more straightforward to use our products. Jason is also working on additional video content to grow our resources and move away from our text-heavy resources.

Jason is also a very active LongMill user as well an extremely experienced product developer that has worked with startups and large corporations in the past, make sure to check out his projects as well:

Some of the resources that Jason is working on

Last but not least, please meet Leandro, our marketing manager! He is the man behind the scenes, coordinating our social media and other channels to bring amazing content to everyone, as well as being the man behind many of our graphics and designs. Also works with the rest of our team to tie many of the technical elements, such as video editing, animations, filming, lighting, sound, photography, and more.

Make sure to follow him on IG as well!:

A magazine design for Canadian Woodworking Magazine created by Leandro

How have you been liking our new content and resources? What do you want to see changed and what new content are you interested in? Make sure to let us know in the social media or by contacting us to let us know what you want to see next!