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August 2022 Production Updates

Hey everyone, here is the update for this month. For all news and updates, please see our Blog.

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Not too much new to report, so this will be a shorter post than usual.

LongMill 48×30 and Extension Kit Orders

We did have a stop in production last month for a short period of time as we got shorted some Y gantry plates for the 48×30 and EX plates but that has now been resolved. We’ve shipped out another batch of around 50-60 machines since.

Because of a higher than expected number of orders for the 48x30s, we are currently out of stock on X rails and are waiting for another delivery of material on August 12th. While we expected 48×30 machines to make up around 30-50% of our machine sales, we’ve now found that the larger variant has recently become nearly 60% of our sales in the last month. The new batch of rails that are on the way has been adjusted to reflect the new ratio.

Once the rails arrive, we will ship machines out again and should take about 2 weeks to complete the remaining queue.

LongMill 12×30 and 30×30 Orders

Orders for LongMill 12×30 and 30×30 have been mostly shipping out within one business day. We currently have parts in stock and ready to go.

LaserBeam Orders

We have received new drivers and are currently packing and shipping the rest of the queue. Most customers should have gotten theirs shipped already, and most new orders are going out within a week. If you have a machine on order waiting to be shipped, the Order Status page may not show as completed since both items haven’t shipped yet.