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July 2023 Production Updates

Hey everyone, happy July!

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Our inventory manager Kye taking stock of new end mills and bits

In general news, we’ve done a few things in the past few weeks:

  • A new batch of end mills have arrived from our manufacturer and are being packed. New bit packs should be restocked by the time this post comes out
  • We’ve officially signed all of the paperwork for our new office. This means we’ll start moving in August 2023 with partial access. Starting October 2023, we’ll have full access.
Office layout planning

Content Insight Survey

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Vortex Rotary Axis

The Vortex Rotary Axis was launched on June 1st! We now have about half of the batch accounted for, interested customers can still get on the pre-order. This launch was probably the smoothest product launch we’ve ever had. Although some customers weren’t able to make a purchase right at the time we opened up orders due to some website caching, after we had that cleared up, the rest of the day was pretty uneventful. I just want to thank and congratulate everyone who worked on this project as all of the prep work, testing, and resource development that went into this product made sure we had a smooth launch.

Production for the Vortex Rotary Axis has been ramping up, as we get things made up and printed for shipping in late July. We’ve now received most of the parts for the Rotary Axis, and the last remaining parts we are still waiting on are expected to be ready in the first week of July.

There has also been a substantial amount of resource development done for the Vortex, some of which is now being uploaded to the Vortex Resources. You won’t see everything on there yet much of it is in draft form, we are getting everything ready and set up for launch.

LongMill and Extension Kits

We continue to have fairly short lead times on LongMills, however, we are running low on control boards which may increase lead times for some customers. We expect to reach the end of Batch 8 in August, and have around 270 units left in stock. Pending delivery of new control boards, lead times are expected to be 1-2 weeks, but could extend later this month to +3 weeks. Once we receive the new control boards, we expect lead times to go down again.

Lead times are expected to be short for the time being, but lead times may vary a bit depending on how quicky we can get a few kinks resolved including:

  • We are running low on controller board parts, and we are expecting to restock in the first or second week of July
  • Some rails from production are twisted out of spec. We are currently shipping rails that are within spec, and are waiting on replacements to be made.
  • Some poor threading on T12 Delrin nuts means we are making replacements currently. We expect them to be completed in the next 1-2 weeks, but we don’t expect this to be a bottleneck since we still have quite a few in stock.

We are working hard to get ready for the busy season coming up this fall, which means doing lots of pre-packing, restocking and prep!

Rail twist measurement system

We have a few other things coming down the pipeline, but this is all for today. Make sure to stay tuned for the next update.