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LongMill Maintenence Wrench Improvements

Hey everyone! We have a small change we’ve made to one of the key components to the LongMill that we’ll start shipping for machines going out in the next few weeks.

For the uninitiated, every LongMill comes with a “Maintenence Wrench”. We include this in every LongMill kit as a tool for assembling the machine and adjusting things like the ACME locking nuts and eccentric nuts. Every LongMill comes with a wrench and a set of Allen keys for assembling the machine.

Functionally, the new wrench remains the same but with the biggest difference being:

  • Adapted to fit new ACME locking nut hardware
  • More ergonomic shape
  • And most importantly… a bottle opener!

We hope that small improvements like this make a big difference in your enjoyment of the LongMill.

Also, it looks like the hanging hole got missed…but should still be functional the way it is, but we’ll have to fix that in the next batch.

New wrench on the left old V1 one on the right V2 not shown