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Time to grow the team at Sienci Labs

As we talked about in the blog post “Everything You Need to Know About the AltMill”, the launch of this new machine represents a pretty big shift in our company, what we do, and what we can do in the future. The AltMill now brings in a significant amount of revenue, which allows us to expand our capabilities and development as a company. Additionally, we can amplify the value of work we do with economies of scale and be able to share development and knowledge between the LongMill and AltMill.

We have some preconceptions in what we need and priorities in our hiring, but we also know that we have the opportunity to grow our team in a meaningful way and expand our collective expertise beyond what we’re familiar with. This is why I made a “general form” where folks who are interested in working with us at Sienci Labs can share a bit about them and we can see if there’s a potential fit.

To provide some transparency and information, here’s some stuff you should know:

Company focus

With both Chris and I being technical founders(we met while studying mechanical engineering in university), we both have a passion for engineering and technology. It brings us the most amount of joy and fun, and we are thankful to have a business that can support those passions. This sort of bring us to the general goal for both of us, which is

  1. Have a team of people who we can work with build really cool things
  2. Have a team of people who can take care of the stuff that doesn’t involve building really cool things so that we can focus our energy towards building cool things

We are a very technical team, with roughly half of us working in some form of development, production, or R&D.

Working environment

I think most people would consider the working environment at Sienci Labs to be “pretty chill”. Here are some things about our workplace:

  • We don’t have any specific working hours
  • Most employees are working some form of hybrid or remote
  • People bring their dogs and kids to the office

That being said, it should be pointed out that with some of the roles, especially with engineering and production, we do need people to come into the office since we do a lot of hands-on things at the office.

Who we’re probably going to hire first

Here are the primary roles we are planning to focus on hiring for:

  • Engineer with experience in mechanical and/or electrical engineering
  • Customer service and resource development for the AltMill
  • Web development with a focus on e-commerce
  • Engineer with experience in production, QA, and manufacturing

You will probably see some of these roles come up down the line on some job boards eventually.

That being said, we want to have a general form so that if you think we should be looking for people outside of these roles, we want to know! So feel free to share your info with us.