We are going to MRRF2019

Midwest Reprap Festival, the worlds largest festival for Reprap machines and 3D printers, is happening in just a few weeks! Well, we’re happy to announce that we’ll be heading down for the festival! MRRF2019 happens from March 29 to 31st. Now you might think, “Well, don’t you guys make CNC machines? Isn’t this for 3D […]

Kiri Moto stepdown issue fixed

See full issue thread here: https://github.com/GridSpace/grid-apps/issues/52 Some users of Kiri:Moto and CAMLab may have noticed that if you try to mill details that are shallower than the specified stepdown does not generate code to mill those details. What should be happening is that shallow details should be milled at a smaller step down, and features […]

Back from holidays

It’s Andy here! I hope everyone had a pleasant and relaxing holidays. I just got back to the office ready to start a new year. First order of business is to ship out the new orders, answer emails, and continue development on several ongoing projects. Chris will be here in a few days to join […]

LongMill beta testing progress

It’s been just about two months since we released the first LongMill beta machine out into the wild. We’ve gone through many changes, iterations, and struggles to improve the machine. Thank you to all ten of our testers for bearing with all the hurdles. One of the testers provided us with feedback that made me pretty […]