The Science of Standing Out: Sienci Labs in Enterprise Co-op

This blog entry was posted on Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre written by Chris Thorogood. Read the original post here:   “What sets your company apart from the rest of the competition?” This is a question that I’ve heard almost daily as a founder of my new venture, Sienci Labs. On the surface, this seems […]

New additions to the Resources tab

New resources can now be found on our Resources page! We’ve been getting lots of questions on our Facebook usergroup that we’ll be using to help us build more resources on how to use the Mill One. We will keep updating helpful information about the Mill One and desktop CNC milling, so make sure to check […]

Pallet of parts arrives in Canada

Our shipment of motors, leadscrews, 3D printer filament, and other items arrived this Saturday and was released from customs last night. We went to a warehouse in Brampton to pick the items up. The weight of our shipment was 377kg (or 830lbs) so the car was riding pretty low as we drove back to Waterloo. […]

New items in the Store

Looking for parts for your Mill One or wanting to build your own? Parts are now available on our store for purchase. More parts will be added to the store soon, based on demand and inventory. We have also updated our available shipping methods to offer lower rates on parts, especially when ordering multiples of […]