Free shipping and 15% off in our shop!

After being featured on the Arduino Facebook page, Instructables, and all across the internet, we noticed a large number of folks looking to make their own Mill One! To help get more people building desktop CNC machines, we’re offering free shipping to the US and Canada for all orders over $40, as well as a […]

Sienci Mill One V2

Sienci Mill One V2 The next generation Mill One V2 includes some exciting new improvements, building upon what we learned with our first generation desktop CNC. These new improvements include performance improvements and easier assembly, and provide a better overall CNCing experience. Production and Lead Time Parts for the Mill One V2 are in stock […]

Final Kickstarter machines ready to ship

The last few routers are in for the last of the Kickstarter orders and are packed and ready to go. It was a bit disappointing on how late these routers arrived (2-3 months later than our projected arrival date), but our backers were super patient and we really appreciate how amazing they were. If you’re […]

Last remaining 220V routers on their way

The last of the 220V routers for our Kickstarter backers are finally on their way! We will finally be able to complete the delivery of our pledge rewards and the campaign will be complete. The routers are expected to arrive by the end of the week and the kits will be shipped out either at […]

Making a wooden fidget spinner on the Mill One

With fidget spinners being all the rage now, especially in the 3D printing community, we decided to make our own! A desktop CNC machine is an awesome machine to make fidget spinners from, especially since you can use a wide variety of materials with a nearly infinite number of designs. This spinner was a fairly […]

The Science of Standing Out: Sienci Labs in Enterprise Co-op

This blog entry was posted on Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre written by Chris Thorogood. Read the original post here:   “What sets your company apart from the rest of the competition?” This is a question that I’ve heard almost daily as a founder of my new venture, Sienci Labs. On the surface, this seems […]

New additions to the Resources tab

New resources can now be found on our Resources page! We’ve been getting lots of questions on our Facebook usergroup that we’ll be using to help us build more resources on how to use the Mill One. We will keep updating helpful information about the Mill One and desktop CNC milling, so make sure to check […]