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Mill One availability after Kickstarter

We’ve been getting emails from people who missed out on the Kickstarter but are interested in purchasing a Sienci Mill One. Rest assured, we will have machines available for sale after the Kickstarter. Chris and I are still discussing the best strategy to fulfill orders after the first batch of machines have been shipped out.

Our current plan has been to take a portion of our profits that we’ve seen in our Kickstarter to order enough parts to build an additional 20-40 machines and offer those machines to the people who have been signing up to our waiting list at We have not quite determined a post-Kickstarter pricing strategy yet, and we will share that with everyone once we’ve established that. We will also establish a system for our customers to order online over the next few months as we work on building our first set.

Once all of our machines from Kickstarter have been shipped out, we will start shipping out the next batch of orders. After that, we should be able to keep a larger inventory to shorten the lead times for each order to a few days. Hopefully by this time we will be able to establish a fulfillment plan in Europe, since shipping costs and time for overseas transport can be quite large.

Over the last couple of weeks after our Kickstarter, we’ve seen quite a bit of growth in the waiting list, and this will give us a sense of what demand there is for the Sienci Mill One. If you’re still interested in getting a Sienci Mill One, make sure to sign up to get first dibs on the second batch!



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