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Purchasing parts for the Sienci Mill One

So if you didn’t know, it takes Kickstarter and the payment system that it uses a couple of weeks to charge our backer’s credit cards and process the payments. So about two and a half weeks after our Kickstarter, we finally got that money.

This past week or so, we’ve been ordering stuff and getting prepared to start putting kits together. We’ve ordered a couple of things like the v wheels, header jumpers, CNC shields, bits and endmills, and some packaging materials, which will take between two to six week to arrive. We will be ordering everything else we will need over the next couple weeks and organizing everything into bags.

A couple of parts that come straight from manufacturers will most likely take the longest to process since we are negotiating shipping terms, packaging requirements, and checking specs so that we are 100% certain we are getting what we need.

On the local manufacturing side, we’re currently preparing to order materials for drilling and threading holes into the aluminum rails with a large shop that we’ve had the chance to visit during the summer. We’re waiting on them to send us the details we need for this shipping instructions, and we’ll get that material over to the manufacturer.

With the frame and gantry parts (the other major component that is manufactured locally) we are currently creating the appropriate files and documentation our manufacturers need, which will take a little while.

Our focus right now is on ordering all the parts we need from overseas as soon as we can since shipping times can be long. After, we will start having parts manufactured locally. Thankfully, the items to be made locally are not complicated and have fairly short lead times.


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