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A large shipment arrives


A whole lot of stuff (over 700lbs) just arrived on our doorstep, from fasteners to motors, leadscrews to couplers, which means there is a lot of sorting, testing, and packaging to do. From our initial look over the shipment, everything is there and is of high quality, but the motors and the power supplies were not exactly as we specified.

While we might be able to use the motors if they are up to spec, the power supplies with need to be sent back for a replacement. While this is unfortunate, our supplier seems to be willing to fix the situation, and we believe delays in our production schedule will be minimal, if there is a delay at all. We can generally have parts ordered and shipped within a few days, and the whole process takes about a week an a half, so with full cooperation from our supplier, we hope to have the right parts soon.

There are still other parts that require more time to produce, and we do not expect this part of the process to be our bottleneck. We will continue to have updates on our progress!

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