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Final parts on their way

If you have been following our progress finding parts for the first batch of the Sienci Mill One, you might have noticed that we are almost done getting everything. With kinks being worked out on our supply chain right now, I thought I would give an update on the progress of the last few things we are waiting for.

As you might have read, the power supplies sent initially to us were not correct. The supplier has given us a full refund and has let us keep the power supplies. While we will not be using them, we immediately started looking for a new source for power supplies. After comparing prices and other information, we have ordered the right type. I just received a message that the production of our power supplies are complete and they will be shipping them out as soon as they can.

Another component we are waiting for are the eccentric nuts. We have asked for a slight modification to the standard design to resist twisting as it sits in the gantry by increasing the bore length of the nut. There were some issues with shipping that unfortunately is delaying the arrival of the parts. We are in contact with the supplier, and based on their estimates, the parts will be shipped over within the next few days.

Adam from Boko has offered us a good deal on milling the frames, and based on his sample, it looks to be good quality work. We will be milling the first twenty frames next week and work with him to mill the gantries as well. The current design uses PVC gantries, but since HDPE is stiffer, and Adam and I will be working together to start the production of those parts as well.

By the way, thank you to everyone who has sent us the information requested on our backer survey! We are now in the process of making the appropriate router mounts for your machine. However, we may be contacting you if we need further clarification.

With shipping date still three months away, we’re making great progress. We hope to be able to get your machines into your hands as soon as we can, and we’re excited to see what you create!

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