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Next batch of machines

I just went to the bank to pay for parts to start manufacturing a new batch of Sienci Mill Ones! We want to have the inventory available to ship machines out in a few days rather than the three or four weeks so our customers don’t have to wait to get their machines. Over the course of the next month, we’ll be working on ordering and receiving all the parts to put together 120 kits while having the 20 or 30 extra machines we have after all our Kickstarter machines have shipped ready for order right now.

We’ve been in the talks with a couple of Youtubers and news channels as well who will be helping us reach new makers. With the grant money we have received, personal investments, and remaining cash from our Kickstarter campaign, our plan is to expand our company and put low cost, easy to use rapid prototyping systems in the hands of makers around the world.

The feedback from our Kickstarter backers who have already received their machines have helped us design improvements to our current parts, some of which have been slowly implemented as we ship machines, and some which will be implemented when we manufacture parts for our next batch. Stay tuned for new updates!