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3D printing news at Sienci Labs

The 3D printers are back running again at full tilt! Our printers have been working on and off over the last few weeks since we ran out of 3D printer filament, but now with a shipment of 30kg of filament, we’re churning out parts as quickly as we can.

While we ordered 50 kg of 3D printer filament from our supplier, they were only able to provide us with 30kg. Not only that, they have told us that they will need to raise their 3D printer filament prices in the future. 30kg of filament is enough to print another 60 machine (just enough to finish producing for our Kickstarter orders), but we will have to find new source for 3D printer filament. At the moment, we’re talking with one of our suppliers who also stock 3D printer filament to see if they would be able to ship us filament at a good price.

In other news, we have been using the Cetus printer Chris recently received in the mail. It’s been doing a great job churning out these frame brackets. We’re expecting another 3D printer to arrive tomorrow, as well as a replacement to the Monoprice Maker Select to come in soon to help us create 3D printed parts faster.

Here’s a couple sets of parts in a box. We have made some changes to the design of some of the components to improve fit and strength as well.

I will get to uploading or updating the parts on our Thingiverse soon so if you have a Sienci Mill One, you can print some updated parts if you want.