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New packaging designs coming soon

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working with a fellow we met through our mentor, Don Thompson, from the Accelerator Centre, connected us to in designing new custom packaging and co-packing solutions to help us manage our logistics. Rolando De Leon  has been working in the packaging and logistics business for over 12 years.

Not only will these boxes protect their contents better, but will also be slightly smaller, thus potentially lowering the cost of shipping. All of the items will also be organized in a new layout which will be designed to help with assembly as well.

We currently have a working design for the packaging and are making small adjustments to make the packaging even more secure. Our next step is to complete the ISTA certification, which will test our packaging and prove that our packaging will survive shipment around the world.

The testing will cover drop tests on every axis and corner, vibration tests, and more.

While it will be a few weeks until we roll out the new boxes, we hope it will absolve us from the tedious task of ensuring enough protection and padding is in the box.

Here’s some quick photos of the packaging: