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Two new 3D printers in the 3D printer farm

The two new Cetus printers are set up and ready to run. We now have a total of seven 3D printers as part of the 3D printer farm which produces parts for the Mill One. Our shipment for 120kg of 3D printer filament has just landed in Canada, and we will be picking it up sometime this week. Having these new printers means we can produce more parts every day, and based on our experience with the Cetus printer we use currently, will reduce the amount of downtime we’ve had with the other 3D printers.

The shipment from China had been shipped late by two weeks, but we’re glad to finally be getting the new items this week. According to the paperwork, the total weight of the shipment is over 330kg (720lbs), so we’ll have to make some new space in the garage!