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Canada Post strikes

We’ve had a couple of concerned customers about the state of Canada Post shipments, especially since the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) has been on a rotating strike since Oct 22.

This means that Canada Post has been experiencing a backlog of shipments all across Canada, causing delays and other issues for Canada Post customers.

Although you can read more about the strike on the news and on the CUPW website, here are some things to know about how the strike affects us.

  1. Most shipments that we make via Canada Post tend to be for parcels and lettermail that are within Ontario and sometimes to Quebec. These shipments typically take 1-2 business days. If you live outside of those areas, chances are that we will be using one of the other carriers, like UPS, to ship out your orders.
  2. We have been tracking Canada Post shipments and it appears that all shipments made via Canada Post in the last two weeks have been delivered, albeit, some (but not all) have been delayed by 2-3 days in some cases.
  3. The postal office next to our office is still running normally.

We will be watching the strike closely, and doing our best to make sure packages are getting to our customers.