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Workshop at Ryerson University HOEM x DFZ on Monday

We were invited to do a workshop in conjunction with the Design Fabrication Zone at Ryerson University on Monday for students and faculty. We’ll be covering the basics of CNC and dabbling with design and CAM.

We currently have about 50 people signed up (capped at 50) but we’re letting more people attend via the interwebs.

We’ll be livestreaming this event on Youtube (follow our channel at so make sure to follow us there to get notified when the livestream starts.

If you want to follow along in the lesson, make sure to register for a free Onshape Standard account.

Topics covered will include doing basic 3D design, using CAM software like CAMLab, and setting up your machine for a job.

Tune in at around 4:00PM EST (Toronto time) on March 18th. You can save this event to your calendar by clicking on the button below.