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Fully Funded in 16 hours! What a first day!

Hey everyone! Wow, what a first day. Thanks to your support, we hit our goal in just 16 hours!

Help us to keep the momentum going by sharing our campaign with your friends and family. Here are some things you should know/check out:

1) A new video!

Check out this carving of a relief we did on the LongMill! All of the CAM was done on CAMLab and we found the model for free and others at Keep out for a tutorial/webinar in the future on how to make 3D reliefs on your LongMill. 

2) Notable shout-outs and articles

Thank you to

Canadian Woodworking and Home Improvement

Geeky Gadgets

Hackster News


For taking the time to write articles about and mention us on their social media.

3) We’re going to be at MRRF2019 this weekend!

If you don’t know MRRF (Midwest RepRap Festival), it’s the largest 3D printer and reprap festival in the world! We’ll be there from Friday to Sunday, so make sure to come say hi if your in the area.

Find more info about it here: