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The future of the Mill One

You might have noticed that the Mill One V3 has been out of stock for a few days. The reason is because we are out of aluminum rails for them (although we think that we might have a few left lying around in the office somewhere). We’re at the end of the production batch for this set of Mill Ones, and we’ve cleared out most of the parts used for the Mill One.

With the recent success of our Kickstarter campaign for the LongMill, and its ongoing sales, we’ve had the opportunity to buy parts and materials in volumes much larger than we’ve ever been before. It has also allowed us to use parts and components that were otherwise harder to obtain in lower volumes. There are also new parts and materials that didn’t exist when we first designed the Mill One which are superior to old parts.

We want to take this opportunity to refresh and improve the Mill One with new parts and a new design. We believe that since we have the opportunity to make a better machine, we should take it.

What does this mean?

  1. The newest version of the Mill One (or Mill Two?) will come with better, higher quality components that will make the machine better.
  2. The new design will be better and more powerful, drawing from years of design and manufacturing experience we’ve gained through building the Mill One and the LongMill.
  3. It will be a few months until we’ll have a new machine available.

If you have a Mill One and need support and parts, feel free to get in touch with us. We’ll still be able to help you out. If you wanted to get a machine but missed out, we still have designs available online if you want to make your own.

Make sure to stay tuned for updates on further development.