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July Production Updates

*Update* We are providing additional updates on orders that have already been placed here:

Hi everyone, here’s a new production update for our LongMills. If you are planning to order a machine I would recommend reading this post carefully as it will provide more info on when you should expect to receive your order.

Please note that if you already placed an order, the lead time that was indicated on the website is accurate to your order at the time of purchase. For most people June 22, 2020 to July 2nd at 11AM, the estimated lead time is 4 weeks. For folks that placed an order before the 22nd, we are waiting on a batch of aluminum rails to arrive (probably sometime today) to start shipping remaining orders next week. People who place an order for a LongMill may need to wait a little longer as we clear our backlog of orders.

Over the past week, our average number of LongMills sold per day has more than doubled since the previous week. To account for the jump in day to day sales, we need to update our lead times to reflect the change.

We will update our lead time to 6 weeks for new orders to ensure that we have enough time to build high-quality kits to our new customers and provide enough time for potential delays. If you are looking to get a LongMill and want to get it as soon as possible to place an order sooner rather than later because:

  • You will be closer to the front of the line on receiving your machine, as we ship in order of when the purchase was made
  • It helps us plan out longer-term production to give us more time to prepare materials, equipment, and labor

I will also note that you may cancel your order any time before your order ships with no penalties/questions.

We are away this Friday

Happy Canada Day everyone!

For our international friends, today is a statutory holiday in our country. We will be in the office today but we will be taking this Friday (July 3) off to ride moose, hunt for polar bear eggs, drink maple syrup, and shovel the snow off our driveways.

We may not be available for pickups and shipments, emails, and calls on this day. We will be back to work on Monday.

In celebration of Canada Day, here are some cool projects to share!