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Introducing the new Business Directory

Hi everyone, I wanted to share with everyone the new Business Directory!

Initially, we created the Business Directory because we would get a lot of phone calls and emails of people who were looking for us to do custom work. Although we were able to direct them to some of our customers who do custom work with their machines, we felt like it might be a good idea to create a directory that lets people find people in their local area for services.

It’s been great to have the directory in place to direct people to LongMill and Mill One users, it’s been difficult to maintain and update because every entry needed to be added manually. Also, there was no way to easily search for listings based on the name of the business or location.

Our new Business Directory offers a couple different functions that take it to the next level. These include:

  • Ability to search businesses based on location, description, name, and more
  • A user account system so that you can update and edit your listing at any time
  • Better security of email addresses and other personal info that are prone to being spammed
  • Ability to add photos and other details such as a description of your business

We also hope to be able to add new functions to this site as time goes on.

Whether you’re running a full time business with your machine, just doing things for fun, looking to connect with other users, or just want to browse to see a diverse community of CNC users, make sure to check out and list your business and work on our directory!