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200 Review Milestone for the LongMill

When we first launched the LongMill on our website, Chris set up a system to let people post reviews about the LongMill. These reviews have been important to us so that we can continually collect feedback and have real-world testimonials from our customers on how they feel about the machine.

With both me and Chris having used CNC machines for a long time now, one of the things that we’re always conscious of is how we can relate to our customers that are using CNC machines for the first time. The review system has been one way we can keep in touch with customers and their feedback as they journey into the realm of CNCing.

The review system of course helps share real experiences that LongMill users have had so that they can recommend to other customers on whether they should get a LongMill or not. We send an email to users roughly two months after purchasing a LongMill to ask about their experience with Sienci Labs and their machine to make sure that they’ve had enough time to get to know their purchase.

Here are some reoccurring positive points people have made in the reviews:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Price and value for money
  • Easy to assemble
  • Overall machine performance, quality, and rigidity

Here are some areas we could improve:

  • Missing parts and improving QA
  • Improving software support

Thank you for everyone who’s written a review for us. Your positive comments and support have been a great morale booster for us and the rest of the team!