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gSender Edge 1.2.5 Release

Hey folks,

We’re at the point in EDGEs life where we’re mostly focused on improvements to performance and hunting down any remaining bugs. This version is largely that – going through our backlog of reported issues and making sure they’re handled.

That said, I’d like to highlight specifically some major improvements to file parsing/loading and visualization – we’re seeing 200-400% faster parsing and about 2/3rds less memory usage on some larger files. We also (finally) have a progress indicator when handling larger files.

As always, thanks to everyone who has reported issues or given feedback on EDGE – we’ll continue to work through our backlog, and are excited to release it to the general public.

  • New File Loading indicator that also includes progress
  • Significant improvements to file parsing to increase speed and reduce memory usage on large files
  • Fixed issue with laser offset and differing preferred units and file unit modals
  • Altered connection workflow to be more forgiving for non-standard startup messages
  • Fixed bug with feedrate unit conversion parsed from file
  • Fixed issue with reported bounding box not handling relative movements correctly
  • Fixed bug with feed override shortcuts
  • Firmware flashing modal now only shows Sienci profiles for flashing
  • Shortcut improvements to help consistency with migrations from version to version
  • Shortcut printing now works again
  • Dependency upgrades