LongMill MK2 Configurator

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  1. Kendal Huestis (verified owner)

    I love it, had some start up issues (great customer service and still have a worm gear that isn’t 100% straight( not reported) but it is amazing tool. Would buy it again if needed.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Assembly was very easy, pictures in the guide were extremely helpful. I haven’t got the CNC part producing anything just yet, I’ve been focussing on the laserbeam for the moment. I’ve been commissioned to create a donor wall for our community pool made of laser etched tiles. The laser beam is so efficient that etching one tile takes less time than setting up the next design in lightburn!

  3. James Baker (verified owner)

    I paid $1,650 for my machine. I’m satisfied that I have good value at that price. The machine is very rigid and accurate.

  4. David ORourke (verified owner)

    Had tough time squaring. Still not sure it’s OK. X Axis extrusion was damaged on 1 end. Threaded screw hole was still intact – Got Lucky . X axis has a point where sound changes and lead screw wobbles a bit more. Still working on getting things setup. (Dust collection then surfacing) Harder than I expected. Thanks, David

  5. Georges P. (verified owner)

    I have not use the CNC much yet since I’ve been working but the projects I have been able to run of it came out within specification of the CAD designs. It is very accurate and very powerful as well. For the price, it is a good machine. Assembly was straightforward. The only problem I have encounter is with the limit switches. I seems to get errors running codes when the switches are on. So far, I have turn them off. Hopefully the software gets better and the switches works without faults.