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Power supplies and eccentric nuts are here

We have finally received our eccentric nuts and power supplies, completing our inventory of standardized parts!

You may have noticed that our eccentric nuts look a little longer than standard M5 eccentric nuts you may find sold online. This is because we have asked to manufacture the nuts with a slightly longer bore so that it seats further into the gantries, which helps prevent the v wheel from being pushed at an angle.  Standard eccentric nuts work fine, but we splurged a little bit for a slightly better machine.

Doing this wasn’t without some challenges. Production of these components took 10 days, with additional time for shipping, which is not too bad. However, these nuts were shipped to the wrong place by the shipping forwarder, and thus ended up somewhere in England. So the manufacturer produced another 1000 pieces and sent it over again. We expected to have these in about two weeks, but it turned out to be nearly a month.

The last few things to cover are the frame and the gantries, which are milled locally. We have a set of 20 frames completed, waiting to be dropped off soon. We have ordered some 40mm fans from Aliexpress for some extra cooling, but at this point, am not sure if they will actually arrive on time. They are not necessary for the Sienci Mill One, but a nice option to have. If they come, we will ship them out in each package.

Last few steps that we need to complete is packaging everything up and making sure there are clear instructions in assembling the machine. While there is a instructables page, we are working on creating some exploded views that will make it easier to understand the assembly process.



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