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New parts received

New parts are in! We are working hard to start putting together a new batch of 120 units. We spent all day driving around picking up parts and visiting our manufacturers. New gantries, power supplies, cables, frames, rails, and fasteners are here ready to get kitted.

It was pretty interesting to have Chris drive in the snow with a couple hundred pounds of metal in the back trunk. Hopefully we’ll be able to afford a truck soon.

Sometime next week we plan on dropping them off at the warehouse so that we can have some more space in the garage.

I have gotten word from our router supplier in the UK that the Makita routers which will come with some of the kits will be shipped at the end of this week. We’re putting together the rest of the kits so that we are able to have them ready as soon as possible.

We’re also putting together the assembled Mill Ones from our Kickstarter as well, but we are still sourcing some packaging material to fit the machines in since they are quite large and heavy.