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New reviews coming out for the Mill One

We just recently sent out two of our Mill Ones for review, one to Tom Salanderer in Germany, and one to Make Magazine for the 2017 Digital Fabrication Shootout!

Who is Tom? Well those folks who are active in the 3D printing community would know him as a Youtuber covering all sorts of things related to 3D printing. He does product reviews, interviews, filament test, and more. So why CNC milling? Well CNC milling has before now, been an expensive and difficult hobby. Now with the Mill One, desktop CNC milling can be as accessible as 3D printing is today. Partnering with Tom was an awesome opportunity as we are opening up a new channel for rapid prototyping tools that many 3D printer enthusiasts have been waiting for.

What is the Make Magazine Digital Fabrication Shootout? Every year, Make Magazine gathers some of the best digital fabrication tools like 3D printers, CNC machines, and laser cutters to see which products are the best. In the past, Make Magazine has reviewed desktop CNC machines from Carbide 3D, Inventables, and Shopbot, and we’re excited to be on the playing field with the big boys. The even more exciting part is that we’re up against machines that are anywhere from three to twelve times the price of one Mill One. So how will the Mill One stack up? I guess we’ll see when the shootout comes out in November!