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New pricing on the Mill One

It’s been about six months since we first started shipping our first Mill One desktop CNC machines, and we’ve learned a lot since then. With this new knowledge, we have been able to lower our cost of manufacture while increasing the quality of our products and customer service. The Mill One offers phenomenal value for the power and precision it provides, but at Sienci Labs we are continuing to develop tools that make automated manufacturing accessible to makers.

With this in mind, we have decided to do something unprecedented and lower the price of the Mill One. Starting Monday June 26th, the Mill One kit will be offered at $399USD.

Thanks to our customer and community support, we’ve ¬†been able to tackle many challenges and improve many aspects of our company and design. Here are just a few:

  • Establish reliable manufacturers that offer high quality work while keeping jobs in the local area
  • Larger manufacturing batches mean lower per part prices and transport/shipping costs
  • Establish reliable suppliers that offer high quality components and increase machine reliability
  • Bulk packaging material purchases mean lower packaging costs per machine
  • Redesigned packaging layout means items are better protected
  • More efficient packaging design means items are easier to package, thus lowering the labor cost in each kit
  • Higher shipping volume means lower shipping rates for our customers

We’re super excited to be entering this stage in our company and accomplishing our vision as an industry leader in the desktop manufacturing industry! Join us as we continue to move toward a future of providing more affordable and accessible rapid prototyping tools.