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Sienci Labs is a 2020 Maker Expo Sponsor

We are happy to announce that Sienci Labs is a sponsor for the 2020 Maker Expo in Kitchener! We are putting $2500 towards supporting this event. We’re really excited to come full circle from tiny startup to a less tiny startup and doing our part to support the maker community in our region. It is thanks to our close-knit community and tech ecosystem that we’ve been able to come this far.

Maker Expo and its organizers are dear to our heart as we had our early starts showing off our Mill One and LongMills at these events. We have lots of great memories and gained a ton of customers through these events. In fact, although we have customers in nearly 40 countries, we have the densest population of users in the KW region.

Make sure to go check out Maker Expo’s GoFundMe ( and provide your support to make Make Expo 2020 a fun and free event.

You can also make sure to stay up to date on the event through Facebook here:

Wow look how young we look
Oct 2017, when we built a CNC pumpkin carver just in time for Halloween
2016 Maker Expo