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Production Updates for August

Hi everyone. Hope everyone is staying safe out there. Here are production updates for August.

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To start, I’m happy to announce that machines are being shipped out now. We’ve sorted through all of the hurdles with v-wheel-gate and getting all the other parts in. As the time of writing, we are getting v-wheels from multiple different sources to keep machines going out the door.

So machines are going out the door now, and we are working to get through our backlog.

Lead times for LongMills

Lead times for LongMills is currently 6-8 weeks.

To answer some common questions:

When is my card charged?

Your card is charged as soon as you place the order.

Your store says that the LongMill is “in-stock”. Does that mean that my machine will ship sooner than the 6 week lead time?

Although we have machines “in-stock”, due to the time it takes to pack and assemble each kit, there will still be a wait time.

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We are still working on ramping up production to fulfill orders more quickly, however, due to high demand and the waiting list we are working through, it looks like it may be some time until lead times will get shorter.

Right now in the middle of August, we’ve sold around 70% of our batch of 500 LongMills, and I am working on building Batch 4 (another 500 machines). I am estimating that we will be out of stock on Batch 3 by the end of September (*UPDATE* as of Sept 9, we are out of stock on Batch 3). Please check newer updates for info about production). Batch 4 will likely start shipping around the middle to end of October.

We are working hard to get machines out the door as quickly as we can while making sure we keep our quality standards high. I am also considering the safety of our workers as I am refraining from hiring additional in-house staff to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Shipping times

There is currently a general slowdown in shipping times globally. Although most shipments come within the typical times, we have had a couple of orders that have been either lost in transit or take around 2 weeks to get from our shop to the customer. I would ask that customers please take into account that shipping times may be slower than usual due to COVID-19 when considering a purchase. If you need help with an order that has been delayed or lost, please contact us here:

It seems like most delays are coming from Southern states and Southern California.

Improving customer support

We now have Zendesk set up! That means that if you contact us through our web forms, you can have your questions and queries answered more quickly!

We get hundreds of emails a week. If you are looking for info and want to help us get away from the computer, the large majority of questions can be answered through reading our FAQ:

While you wait

Did you know all of the resources for the LongMill are publicly accessible and can be found here:

Also, if you haven’t seen the latest dust shoe design, make sure to check it out!