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Launching our own T-Track clamping system

Hey everyone, I’m excited to share something Kelly and I, and the rest of the Sienci team have been working on for the last couple of months. We know that many of our customers use T-Track extrusion as a clamping/workholding system for their LongMills and other CNC machines, and we’ve learned that folks have been coming up with their own solutions based on what’s available to them.

Well, we’ve created our own that serves as an excellent option for affordable and high-quality T-Track extrusion.

You can order them here: ‎

Universal 1/4-20 hex bolt compatibility

One of the key features to highlight about this new t-track system is that the profile is designed to use 1/4-20 hex bolts rather than T-Bolts that are often used in other T-Slot extrusions.

This means:

  • You can easily find and buy 1/4-20 bolts for cheap
  • You can find lots of different lengths and related 1/4-20 hardware that you can use to make your own clamps

If you want to make your own clamps/need some inspiration, check out