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Meet our newest sponsored creator, Dana from Buckys Customs

Hey everyone, meet Dana from Bucky’s Customs! Dana is one of our first sponsored creators that we’re working with to create content using your LongMill. Whether it’s your first time using your CNC or your hundredth time, we want to make the journey of learning the ins and outs as fun and easy as possible.

As Dana says “My intent is to learn as I go and bring the viewer with me on that same journey. I know how lost I was in the beginning and I feel I should try to create and share content I wished I had when I started.”

Make sure to check out all of the other great stuff on Dana’s Youtube channel ( and subscribe for more great content!

With me and Chris being so busy trying to keep machines going out the door and all the other projects done, we haven’t had a whole lot of time to get new educational content for all of our LongMill and Mill One users. This is why we’re working on getting other LongMill users to help share their knowledge and experience with the community. This is part of our effort to create a more complete base for new customers as they learn to use their machines. We believe that supporting video content like what Dana is creating is part of creating a community where people can learn from each other and become more proficient with their CNC machines.

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