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LaserBeam: First Working Laser Driver


3A Working Laser Driver

I would like to share with the LaserBeam community that v6 of our driver design was our first operating Laser Driver. There’s good and there’s bad but this is a huge milestone, giving us a lot of confidence in continuing to improve and get the design where it needs to be.

Positive Driver News

  • We currently have a working 3A Laser driver that can operate with the Longmill controller & gSender to produce high quality engraving and cutting results 
  • All safety features operate as intended (Key switch, interlock, power failure reset button, led status)
  • Control max current output with dip switches (up to 3A reliably right now)
  • Switch between full power continuous mode and PWM input mode working
  • Power your Laser cooling fan, driver cooling fan and air assist fan working

Negative Driver News 

  • We currently are not able to provide a stable 5A current to the diode (3A is the max right now)
  • Holding down the reset button turns the driver on (small error)
  • There is a small amount of power leakage; when in continuous or pwm mode there is a small amount of current running into the laser diode. This is an issue because unless a current is selected in continuous or a pwm signal is being sent to the driver there should be no amount of current available

v7 Driver Improvements 

  • Upgrade passive components and double copper layer amount in order to achieve a stable 5A 
  • Power and function switch changed to panel mount for more flexibility for driver design
  • Get rid of signal inversion mode and potentiometer in order to solve low power leakage and simplify design

v6 Driver Results 

Next Steps

  1. Test v7 Laser Driver
  2. Working on Laser Resources
  3. We are currently finalizing our air assist design and I’m very happy with the results
  4. New Update October 7th 2021

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