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Almost Ready for Independent Testing

Next Milestone

The goal is to deliver 2 complete 7W LaserBeam Systems to the test facility before Friday October 29th. There are a few tasks we’ve completed and a few tasks we still have to complete.

Completed Tasks

  • Iterated driver enclosure to ensure a proper fit 
  • Completed a rough safety and user manual
  • Prepared 2 full laser diode assemblies for test requirements
    • In case extreme test conditions causes one to fail, we don’t have to waste time sending another
  • Designed and made compliant laser safety stickers

Next Tasks

Safety and User Manual

  • Photograph driver and laser and create diagrams for safety and user manual 
    • Safety and user manual needs to be approved as part of the testing process


  • Receive and assemble 2 test drivers
  • Complete testing paperwork for testing facility  
  • Package and deliver 2 7W LaserBeam Systems to test facility 
    • We will personally deliver this same day to save time in transit

Remaining Milestones

  • Pass IEC 60825-1 tests
  • Receive testing report
  • Order our driver PCB Assemblies in bulk 
  • File FDA reports
  • Assemble driver PCB enclosure 
  • Test each LaserBeam system
  • Pack LaserBeams – End of November 
  • Ship LaserBeams – Early December

Ordering Additional Safety Glasses & Lenses: 

Check out the link above if you need to order additional LaserBeam accessories that you didn’t order in your original LaserBeam preorder. You won’t be charged any additional shipping and your order will be combined with your LaserBeam Pre-order! 

Sienci LaserBeam Pre Order:

Place your Sienci LaserBeam Pre order here:

Answering your FAQ: 

Send your Laser Questions Here:

Check out our LaserBeam FAQ video, I take all your unanswered questions from the LaserBeam livestream and try to give you guys more clarity on the LaserBeam add on. 

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